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Welcome To Chegini Store!

“Beauty is luminous being”
Often this "beautiful" quote is used to describe a beauty that comes from within. In this case, this quote may represent the all-embracing beauty, which acts especially from the outside. In these extraordinary jewelry creations, such as the fine silk scarves and noble carpets, beauty is celebrated.

Who creates this exceptional beauty?
Chegini im Looshaus has represented extraordinary beauty for decades. Beauty in jewelry design, silk scarves and carpets made from the finest materials. Roya Chegini creates her enchanting jewelry creations in skillful and loving handwork by herself.

The care that goes into every neckless, bracelet and earrings reflects our believes that the pieces are to viewed as collectible. Modern heirlooms which will always face the challenge of time and trends in the best way.

Every scarf offered in her charming store is individually selected by her. Her husband Ferry is responsible for the selection of precious carpets in classic and modern designs.

Undeniably luxurious, with many designs featureing also semi-precoius stones, we are serious that our work is accessible,unique and attainable .

Luxury in this case is in the beloved details of the design. The high quality of the materials. Ultimately the way how these treasures are cherrieshed and worn.

Chegini im Looshaus is located in the heart of Vienna's Old Town, directly across from the “Hofburg”. Chegini im Looshaus could not be anywhere other than right here. At Chegini im Looshaus the customer is quite literally the emperor! Roya and Ferry Chegini run their store with exceptional love, heart and soul and the highest personal commitment. Professional advice in all areas is combined with warm hospitality.